Vastu Tradition & Ceremony

Vaastu Tradition

Here is a traditional procedure for an Auspicious Vaastu Ceremony

In general, there are formal ceremonies that are conducted at the “auspicious time,” the times of ground breaking, foundation stone laying and moving in, but they are in Tamil or Sanskrit, so they are not available to us except if we engage a Vaastu Pundit. My teacher, Ganapati Sthapati, has always encouraged me to conduct my own ceremony, telling me to use my own inner knowledge of what to do. We come from the heart with a good intention for the structure, which is to be an alive being, and also with respect for the Mother Earth upon which the home sits, rooted in Earth energies.

The main purpose is to achieve a deep sense of identity with the Earth energy, the Mother Earth, with the Being of the house and with the blessing energies of the Masters of the knowledge of Vaastu Science. This is for the purpose of arousing these cosmic forces and directing them in a positive way for the project.

A simple ceremony should be conducted at the auspicious time.

This is the time of the awakening of Vastu Purusha. Work beginning at this time will be completed without any impediment and the constructed building will yield prosperity, wealth and longevity.

At this time, a foundation deposit can be placed for the house. This deposit consists of precious gems and metals. It should be placed so that it will not be disturbed during construction. Contact me for information on how to obtain this.

You can bring flowers, incense and fruit.

If possible, you can stake the perimeter of the building. At least locate the area of the North east corner of the main rectangle or square of the building. There place a clean cloth or mat so you can sit and meditate and say the prayer for the house. At the proper time have incense burning and have the fruit and flowers to lay on the northeast area as offerings to Vastu Purusha.

You can use you own words also, and these:

Protector of the dwelling, recognize us: Be an excellent abode, the non-inflictor of disease.

Whatever we ask of thee, be please to grant. Be the bestower of happiness on our bipeds and quadrupeds.

Protector of the dwelling, be the preserver and augmenter of our wealth.

Possessed of cattle and horses, Indra, may we, through Thy friendship, be exempt from decay: like a father to his sons, be favorable to us. Protector of the dwelling, may we be possessed of a comfortable, delightful, opulent abode bestowed by Thee.

Protect our wealth, whether in possession or expectation and ever cherish us with blessings.

Protector of the dwelling, remover of disease, assuming all kinds of forms, be to us a Friend: the Grantor of Happiness!

Place the foundation deposit at this time and/or place the fruit and flowers on the northeast ground. Sit in silence a few minutes and then you are finished.