Vastu Glossary

  • Agni – the lord of fire, located in the southeast direction
  • Aap – water, one of the five elements
  • Aakash – space, one of the five elements
  • Atman – individual consciousness
  • Brahma – the creator of the universe
  • Brahmastan – the central courtyard and energy center of the house, the heart of the house
  • Dhumam – southeast
  • Dwajam – east
  • Gajam – north
  • Jiva – the soul
  • Jyotish – indian astrology
  • Kakam – northeast
  • Kharam – northwest
  • Mayan was an architect and town planner of ancient India
  • Mayamata – a treatise on building and architecture, authored by Mayan
  • Purusha – consciousness itself
  • Parmataman – universal consciousness
  • Prana – life force
  • Prakriti – nature
  • Shrishti – creation of the entire universe
  • Simham – south
  • Sthapati – a master sculptor/architect of Vastu Science
  • Sthapatya ved – the science and art of applying the universal laws of Vastu Science to to towns, buildings and sculpture
    Also: sthapatya veda, sthapatyaved
  • Sutregrahi – vedic term for draftsman
  • Swanam – southwest
  • Takshaka – vedic term for carpenter
  • Vaastu Purusha – the energy contained in the Earth
  • Vardhaki – vedic term for mason
  • Vastu – Derived from the the word “to dwell, live”: That which lives forever. If you take the universe and crush it into a drop, that is Vastu: the substance of the universe. It is eternally living.
    Also: vasthu
  • Vaastu: what has issued out of Vastu is Vaastu. Vaastu is the manifest Universe: every “thing” in it. Vastu becomes Vaastu. E=mc2 Energy becomes matter: this is the Divine formula
    Also: vaasthu
  • Vastu Purusha Mandala – The plan of the layout of a temple or a residential building
    Also: mandala purusha vastu, mandal purush vaastu
  • Vastu sastra – science of energy, of energy applied in a vastu
    Also: vaastu shastra, vasthu saastra, vaastu shaastra and other spellings
  • Vastudevata (vastupurush) – the energy – or deity – of the premises
  • Vasthu Vidya – knowledge of vasthu
  • Vidya – Knowledge
  • Vedanta – a name for the vedic texts, the Upanishads
  • Yrushabham – west