Vastu Gem Plates

Gems for Vaastu Puja

When we build a vastu structure, we install the gem plate in a few places in the house. The gems are a gift to the house and also bring in the seed influence of the gems which are related to certain heavenly bodies. It is recommended that gems are installed but not absolutely required.

This is the layout of gems for the Vaastu Puja and laying of the cornerstone and for the threshold of a house.

These stones differ slightly from the stones traditionally used to represent the nine planets. These stones that are used for vaastu puja do not refer to the planets. They are “seeds of the earth” that are placed to add sweetness to the vaastu structure.

Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati says that you can think about these stones as a nice addition to any vaastu structure. He gives the analogy that if you have a cup of coffee it of itself is fully coffee. If you add a little sugar to it you sweeten it. If you add too much sugar you spoil it.

In that same way, a few small gems are not required for a vaastu structure but they add a nice flavor. Vaastu is Vaastu. It doesn’t NEED anything to make it powerful or effective. It is effective and powerful of itself. But, adding the gems, some grains, some flowers and some simple things of your choice can be enjoyable.






These Navaratna of 9 gems are used for foundation deposits in Vastu buildings. Each building receives one as a gift to the building and Mother Earth. The 9 gems help anchor the energies of the planets in the structure.





There are 3 sizes for the pendant type of gemplate: 3mm – $1000, 3.5mm – $1650 and 4 mm- $2200.




Above: 1.25″ square silver gemplate. This gemplate is about $350 plus shipping and handling. Please check for availability.