Preface: Vastu Architecture

Design Theory & Application for Everyday Life

Michael Borden, 2011
ISBN 9781456491789
Available September, 2011

The purpose of this book is to outline simply and clearly the technological and philosophical principles of Vastu science as applied to buildings for secular functions: houses, offices, libraries, hospitals, etc. I want to encourage the reader to cultivate a desire, through understanding, to create a Vastu structure for their home or office.

My motivation for this comes from the simple personal experience of seeing my life and the lives of my clients benefit from creating a relationship with Vastu knowledge and space. I believe Vastu science gifts us with a technology to create buildings with the regenerative properties of peace, prosperity, and love. Having the possibility of regeneration in a building is not a new concept. We all experience the regenerative effect of coming home to our special living space. Vastu science gives us an opportunity to further deepen the experience of regeneration.

As simple as it may seem to the reader, the application of Vastu principles often presents a challenge to the most experienced Vastu designer.The notion of taking the principles of this exact science and applying them to a modern structure, with all the programmatic idiosyncrasies of a modern lifestyle, although completely valid and fairly well tested, requires a thorough understanding and years of experience over many projects.

The information in this book has been researched and verified by myself and my colleagues over a period of more than a decade on the ground in the home of this knowledge: India. Even at this late date in the endeavor, we are certain that our research efforts need to continue to deepen and intensify in the areas of technical and philosophical knowledge and in patient, yet, incessant verification. This book represents my best effort at presenting a most conservative and reliable version of the knowledge at this time. I feel it is a body of knowledge worth presenting.

This book definitely outlines the technology of Vastu architecture, and if this technology is simply expressed and applied with precision, the structure will have value in terms of the Vastu effect.However, the book is not meant to give license to any architect, builder, or potential homeowner to call themselves a Vastu architect.

The Vastu designer bears a great responsibility. To put it simply, if the designer is commissioned to create a Vastu structure, he/she must do it completely and correctly.If a professional with no experience in Vastu science has been given the assignment to design and build a Vastu structure, I implore that person to work in concert with a highly experienced Vastu architect until such a time that the expert consultant is convinced that the novice is no longer a novice and can take projects with no consultation.

The main purpose of a Vastu building is to create a living form that will inspire a noble level of consciousness and expression in the beings blessed to live within or even in the proximity of the structure. For this purpose we want to take every step possible to insure the integrity of the final product.

This book does not emphasize the problems or effects of non-Vastu buildings. Vastu science does not usually promote the rectification of buildings but focuses on how to get it right from the beginning. A non-Vastu building is basically unpredictable in terms of the effects on those who occupy it. It is my strong intention to avoid the creation of stress and strain caused by non-scientific opinions applied to non-Vastu buildings. A building that is not compliant with Vastu prescriptions may be challenged in terms of life-supporting energy available to the tenants. On the other hand, such a non-Vastu structure may be a perfectly fine place to occupy. That is all we can say.

May this book be a joy and blessing to all who desire to understand the science of Vastu.

--Michael Borden

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