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Vastu book
Vastu Architecture: Design Theory & Application for Everyday Life

With over 100 illustrations and two complete designs that can be built, this new book presents a milestone in usable, practical, vastu information.

Vastu EvaluationInitial Vastu Evaluation of Home or Apartment.
Send me your house plan or apartment plan and I'll comment on the plan and orientation in terms of Vastu.

Vastu  plansVastu House Plans

Our aim is to make a true Vaastu house design available at an affordable price.

Vastu  booksBooks & Recommended Reading
Recommended reading on world architecture, Sthapatya Veda, and green and sustainable architecture.

Vastu shrinesShrines
Authentically crafted, Vaastu inspired wood and stone shrines that can be placed within the existing structure or on the property.

Vastu kalashWooden Kalashes

Hand crafted mahagony kalashes.

Vastu dvdVastu DVDs

A collection of pure knowledge on DVD.

Vastu  navaratnamNavaratnam (Gem Plate)

Shapati calls the gems the "seeds" of the gem vibration.