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Where did it start? Through my work and research, I had become aware of this tradition of sacred Architecture which employed basic principles of the laws of nature to promote the health and happiness of the people who lived these special buildings. I had been commissioned to design two buildings that conformed to what my clients called "Sthapatya Vedic" Architecture. They requested that I work directly under the guidance of a designer in Europe. I was directed by this designer to create a floor plan and elevation following certain basic principles of room placement and then send it to him for review.

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The process of design and review went on for several weeks until we had arrived at a building that conformed to the room placements and included very precise, if odd, numbered dimensions for the plan and elevations. I was instructed to insist that the dimensions be held with integrity as the building was erected, down to the 1/8th of an inch. I was very interested in understanding the principles of design and the philosophy behind the design and I requested more information from the Sthapatya Vedic expert. To my great disappointment, he communicated to me that he wasnąt at liberty to convey the information that I wanted.

I began a search for information about Sthapatya Vedic Architecture, known in India as Shastra Vastu or Vastu Vidya. I found that there were several volumes of ancient Indian literature, as well as modern, dedicated to the subject. When I surveyed the books I found them quite confusing. I realized that I needed to find a teacher. I attended a weekend seminar on the subject given by a designer from India, but again, the actual nuts and bolts information was not made available. Finally, I found an architect in India who is a famed expert of the tradition of knowledge: Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati of Madras, India. I called the Sthapati (meaning: expert sculptor and building designer) the next day and he told me that he was building a temple in the Midwest and would be visiting the site within a week. I made arrangements to meet with him when he came to the USA. In 1998 and 1999 I traveled to Madras, India, to study the principles of Vastu Science ( Sastra Vaastu) under Dr. Sthapati's guidance.

This seminar is a condensation of my on-going training with Dr. Sthapati. It includes both theory and practical considerations. It also includes a set of questions and answers -- asked by previous seminar participants, and which I answered or asked Dr. Sthapati for an answer. This section includes some student comments. When I first taught this seminar, it was ongoing - while I was at the same time working with Dr. Sthapati - so the group had an ongoing "conversation".

While the seminar includes some general information on how to design Vaastu structures, and the theory of the Vastu Purusha Mandala and the information made available is the product of indepth research with my teacher in Tamil Nadu, I do not recommend that you you purchase it if you expect to consider yourself competent to design such buildings after taking the seminar. It is best to work with an experienced Vaastu designer or engage in the months of training necessary to become competent in this work.

I invite you to take this seminar (at no charge), at your own pace, and in your own home. You may feel free to ask me questions. My only restriction is that you understand that this material is copyright protected, and is for your personal use only. It may not be duplicated, distributed, sold, or in any other way may the copyright be infringed upon without my written permission.


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