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Your Vastu Designed Home will be:

  • Designed through the application of sacred measurements and orientations, to be resonant with
    the cosmic energy matrix of the universe (God).
  • Flooded with healing and nourishing energies. Your life, your karmas, change for the better.
  • Designed with dimensions which are related to a Vastu Purusha Mandala and which are calculated for
    your birth star and for all auspicious effects.
  • A building that vibrates with Universal Energy, not based on superstition.
  • Built with specific about orientation, auspicious entry, room locations, Brahmastan (sacred center),
    sacred dimensions, and geometry.
  • Constructed with the structure and orientation which set up a vibration that either nourishes rather
    than drains, or is neutral.

Timberframe Cottage
Vastu homes
Granite Bay, CA Vastu Residence
Vastu residence
Limestone Vastu Residence
Vastu residence
Midwest Vastu Home

What began as complete trepidation (all of the factors that go into building a Vastu home) has evolved into one of the most enjoyable experiences of our lives! Going in, we had all of the normal worries … would this add to the cost of the home (not much), would the architect and builder flip out at the strict protocols (actually, they totally embraced the challenge) and could we build a home that met Vastu standards but fit into the quaint neighborhood in which we were building (resounding YES!!). All of this was possible because we had a great Vastu consultant. We enjoyed working with Michael from start to finish. He thrives on the give-and-take of designing homes. Best of all, he speaks the language of architects and builders and has a way of explaining Vastu in a way that is simple and understandable. We would highly recommend Michael as a Vastu consultant.
— JJ – Denver, CO

Vastu residence
Kansas City Residence
Vastu residence
Kansas City Residence
Vastu home
Canadian Vastu Home
Vastu home
Iowa Vastu Home

Michael Borden can help you with:

  • Initial review – mini consult of your plot of land and an existing house or proposed house plan.
  • Vastu design including client consultations, initial drawings, plans and elevations, completed
    construction documentation
  • Vaastu Site and Layout Consultant Coordination with your builder or architecture
  • Design Consultation Consulting working with your architect or builder.
  • Personal Adjustments Personal adjustments to your plans per jyotish.
  • Phone consultation One hour phone consultation Mr. Borden speaks to
    new people each week about their projects worldwide. He encourages potential clients to
    call and talk or send an email about their project and how vaastu architecture
    can serve their needs.
  • Rectification of existing structures means recommending adjustments to existing
    structures to make them more in harmony with universal energy and more supportive of
    positive life experiences.

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