Importance of Precision Plans

To Homeowners

Online plan dimensions shown on this website are approximate only.

They are NOT precise Vaastu Dimensions. Do not use these dimensions for construction.

These approximate dimensions will NOT give the building the resonant sacred geometry needed for positive Vaastu effects. In fact, the effects could be negative if these approximate dimensions were used. You will receive precisely and fully dimensioned plans and elevations when you make a purchase. The floor plans pictured are the concept plans for the house. The dimensions will vary depending on the birth information of the occupants of the house.

Ayadi Value

Ayadi is a value based on the frequencies created by certain dimensions and their relationship to our personal frequencies according to jyotish. The vedas teach us 16 mathematical formulas to determine ayadi values. Ten of them are used to determine the ayadi value for a home. The ayadi module (accurate to 1/16th of an inch) is the basic unit for the entire home.

When you have a custom home design prepared for you it is based on the ayadi value for your own particular birth star, your nakshatra.

Influence of Vastu Energy
The vaastu energy can change fate, and can override the negative influences of planets. Under the influence of a resonant Vaastu structure, the brain and physiology starts functioning differently so that the homeowners' actions are aligned automatically with Natural Law. Because of this, any star or planetary influences will be more likely received into our lives with the ability to make the most of them.

Conversely, a vaastu structure with an incorrect geometric relationship to the laws of nature (wrong dimensions) may not bring the positive influences you are seeking. This is the reason for the strong caution to not download these plans and build them from these approximate dimensions.

Precise Elements
The following are a few of the elements taken into account in a vastu design:
  • Module unit precise size
  • Interior cubic space of rooms
  • Interior cubic space of entire structure
  • Roof pitch
  • Location of doors and windows
  • Arrangement of rooms
  • Location and direction of energy sources entering and leaving the home
  • Location and direction of water entering and leaving the home
  • Location and orientation of water closets, sinks, baths
Included with your elevations and plans will be a very precise worksheet about how to implement all of these variables. It is very important that your builder follow them precisely.

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