Vastu Homes: The Shiva Series

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   Shiva 1: 1310 sq.ft., East Facing
   Shiva 2: 1780 sq ft., East Facing
   Shiva 3: 2200 sq ft., East Facing
   Shiva 4: 2020 sq ft., East Facing
   Shiva 4: 1990 sq ft., North Facing
   Shiva 5: 3315 sq ft., East Facing
   Shiva 6: 3315 sq ft., North Facing
   Shiva 7: 2160 sq ft., South Facing

Important: Online plan dimensions shown are approximate, are NOT precise Vaastu Dimensions, and will NOT give the building the resonant sacred geometry needed for positive Vaastu effects. More information about this point ...

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Shiva 1 East Facing Elevation
Shiva 1 East Vast Elevation

Shiva 1 East Facing Plan
Shiva 1 East Vastu Plan

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Shiva 2 East Facing Elevation
Shiva 2 East Vastu

Shiva 2 East Facing Plan
Shiva 2 East Vastu Plan
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Shiva 3 East Facing Elevation
Shiva 3 East Vastu

Shiva 3 East Facing Plan
Shiva 3 East Vastu Plan

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Shiva 4 East Facing Elevation

Shiva 4 East Facing Plan

Shiva 4 North Facing Elevation
Shiva 4 North

Shiva 4 North Facing Plan
Shiva 4 North Vastu Plan

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Shiva 5 East Facing Elevation
Shiva 5 East Elevation

Shiva 5 East Facing Plan
Shiva 5 East Plan

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Shiva 6 North Facing Elevation
Shiva 6 North Elevation

Shiva 5 North Facing Plan
Shiva 6 North Plan

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Shiva 7 South Facing Elevation
Shiva 7 South Elevation

Shiva 7 South Facing Plan
Shiva 7 South Plan

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